Site Update

September 26, 2021, by Admin

I'm sure everyone see the groupian pop up.

if we don't receive payment from them in the next 48 hours, we will remove it...

Also, the auto faucet had a few problems, so we changed the timmer and its now paying out 1 sat. every 420 seconds..

If you have any problems, please report them to support.

- Staff 

Auto Faucet

September 25, 2021, by Admin

Auto Faucet is paying out 10 sat's btc. per. claim..

Lets see how it go.

- Staff 

Auto Faucet

September 24, 2021, by Admin

Lets up the pay out on the auto faucet and see what happens... 

- Sysop 

Auto payout

September 23, 2021, by Admin

okay, We cut the time to 1800 seconds and paying out 2.. 

It comes out to be the same thing, run it 24/7 ...

25 sats btc on Auto Faucet

September 23, 2021, by Admin

Let's try 25 sats. on the auto faucet and see if we can get some users.

If we can, we will up it to 100 sats, per claim.

Lets test this out and see, 

It's paying out 25 sats for the next 48 hours.... 

- Admin/ Staff