TESTING 1.2.3...

July 5, 2021, by Admin

Just added shortlinks an offerwall, We have no idea how this will work out being they are third party sites and we have no control over payments. But you asked for it and you got it... I'll give them 48 hours to break down or mess up before I remove them. But! If they work, we all get Paid!!!!

Update: Offerwall is not working right.

We dont want you to do a task and don't receive payment, and we really don't want to lose all our funds with out getting paid back.

We will keep you updated... 

Ad's = Higher Faucet rate @ AdBitCoin!

July 3, 2021, by Admin

100% of all funds from ptc/pts ad's go into the site faucet. As funds are raised the faucet will go up an also the amount of times you will be able to claim. Ad rates are set low. You are able to receive 1000 views to your site for as little as $0.34 pre. 1000. So stop waiting an help everyone and place an Ad today... 

Georgia crypto investor claims he woke up a trillionaire -- after investing $20

June 20, 2021, by Admin

That's what happened for one Georgia man. Chris Williamson invested about $20 in a cryptocurrency called Rocket Bunny and it did what bunnies do - it multiplied. He woke up one morning and looked at his phone to check his investment and found he was a trillionaire. "I look at it again and I'm like … at that point I fall out of my bed literally, and I run to my desk and I'm logging into the Coinbase app and stuff and I’m talking to my friends, got him on the phone and I’m like, 'Dude, you need to help me figure out how to sell this now!." he told FOX 5 of Atlanta. Williamson said he attempted to move the cryptocurrency to another wallet, but it wasn’t showing the same price.  He then contacted Coinbase, which replied with a short answer acknowledging it was looking into the issue. He also reached out to Rocket Bunny but never heard back. Williamson has kept his sense of humor on the matter. "You know when you look at it, it's like you know there's no way I’m ever going to get this amount of money," he said. Williamson has even tweeted Elon Musk with the hope the billionaire entrepreneur can help answer his trillion-dollar question. "I thought for sure because he trolls people all the time," Williamson said. "I am hoping he's actually saw it and maybe he's been following it, but I don't know. That is an Elon Musk wallet." Williamson says with that kind of money, he would help people – especially his family members. For now he is in limbo. His account is frozen so he cannot withdraw, purchase, or trade while he waits to hear back from the company.  His friend, who lives in Jasper, Georgia, bought the exact same coin but didn't experience the same windfall...

Basketball Players Ask for Bitcoin Salary Option

June 19, 2021, by Admin

According to Charlie Aikenhead, VP of Marketing at Bitbuy, the partnership represents a significant shift in how athletes are thinking about compensation. “We’re excited to help the CEBL’s players protect their long-term wealth by getting paid in Bitcoin,” he added, emphasizing that the crypto company is proud to support homegrown Canadian sports. The cooperation between Bitbuy and the CEBL comes in response to basketball players voicing interest in crypto payments to the league’s management. They referred to the case of NFL’s Russell Okung who last year became the first professional athlete in North America to be paid in bitcoin. In December, the Carolina Panthers offensive lineman announced he would be getting half of his 13 million-dollar salary in btc. Guelph Nighthawks’ guard Kimbal Mackenzie, who will be among the first CEBL players to receive remuneration in crypto. Mackenzie thinks this is an investment that will appreciate greatly over the next decades and insists that his decision was a no-brainer. The crypto salary option, in his view, also highlights that the CEBL is one of the top professional sports leagues in the world. Cryptocurrency prices have increased significantly over the past year as both individual investors and companies sought to protect their funds in uncertain economic times due to the global pandemic. Btc, the crypto with the largest market capitalization, reached a record high of over $63,000 in April. It has since dropped to below $40,000 per coin and is currently trading between $35,000 and $36,000 on Saturday.